How We Help Our Clients

Our Capabilities

Risk Reduction

Distinguishing between market-based risk management and operational risk management issues is critical. Companies need to be proactive in managing operational risk, reducing cyber risk and proactively managing the impact of financial and regulatory reforms. Our team of experienced resources assists in analyzing inflated cost structures, operating controls and procedures, managing information assets, streamlining operational processes, identifying pain points and suggesting solutions to carefully manage complex financial transactions. We provide transparency and interpret rules to support controls and regulatory/compliance reporting.

Customized Payroll Solutions

For situations in which individuals have already been identified by our client we provide a customized payroll solution. Since no recruiting or search fees are due, we add a minuscule markup over the actual direct statutory costs per employee and offer comprehensive payroll processing, record keeping services as well as complete indemnity and insurance coverage to our client. This provides an ideal solution to clients for adding talent without adding non-preferred vendors and simultaneously ensuring that hiring costs are reduced to a bare minimum.

Project Management

In today's highly competitive financial industry, projects are continuously being re-prioritized, and scrutinized by companies to leverage cost savings to their bottom line. The key to success is to find experienced and effective project & program managers who can deliver these projects and programs. We provide individuals who have the industry and product knowledge as well as the practical insight in areas such as communications, IT, governance, and more. Our resources have broad-based, cross-functional knowledge to see the "bigger" picture, analyzing client data swiftly and managing deliverables to ensure desired results on time and within budget.

Expense Management

Assist with strategic and interim solutions that reduce cost and increase efficiency over a wide range of corporate services from functional allocation, procurement, headcount and other administrative functions. Recommend solutions that provide transparency and increase corporate accountability. In these times of increased regulatory oversight, shareholder accountability, and emphasis on risk management, we provide the skills that help our clients make critical decisions based on sound business principles, proven processes, and the insightful and innovative thinking that comes from decades of real world experience managing critical cost sensitive functions.

Financial Accounting

We provide accounting services and industry expertise to help organizations identify risks and perform optimally in this dynamic environment. Our resources can provide able assistance with several accounting functions including but not limited to:

  • Account Reconciliations and Resolutions
  • Month-end accounting and Profit & Loss Generation
  • Flash Profit and Loss Report
  • Operational Audit Review
  • Product Controllers functions
  • Middle and Back office trade processing

Systems Implementation and Process Integration

We assist and manage overall implementation of your new valuation/trading system and provide experienced resources to work on specific phases of the project. Our services include:

  • Project Planning
  • Implementation of proprietary software or vendor based systems
  • Reconciliation between decommissioned system valuations to chosen implemented system
  • Migration of reference, static data and trade data
  • User Acceptance testing and training
  • Valuation of trade and algorithmic differences